Ludwig’s Rose Farm

Category: Nursery & Garden Centre, Rose Trade

Est 1971, Ludwig’s Roses now boasts with 900 varieties of roses in all shapes, colours, sizes and fragrances. The newest range of ‘Ludwig’s Eco-chick’ TM are proving themselves as true and novice gardeners friends. An easy drive to the north of Pretoria will take you on an adventure with roses. It is also home to ‘Spiced Coffee’ restaurant adjecent to a big playground, the Tropical ‘Butterfly Garden’ and ‘Thorns ‘n Things’ rose boutique. Open 7 days a week, with friendly, knowledgable service everyday.

Contact Details

Tel: 012 544 0144

Ludwig’s Rose Farm,
N1 North,
Pyramid Wallmansthal offramp.

Facebook: Ludwig’s Roses

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